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    Our company is a legal entity engaged in the production and sales of communication line devices and is located in Hejian City of Hebei Province, where has the reputation of "Jingnan First Prefecture"; it is 160km away from Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang and has excellent location and convenient traffic.
    The company principally produces: galvanized steel strand, plastic optical fiber cable hook and various line iron parts; PVC, PE honeycomb pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, tri-color pipe and electrician casing; mining cable and telephone line; cable distribution box, distribution box, network access box and various tools; our products are widely applied in departments of Telecom, CNC, Unicom, Mobile, Tietong, radio and television and power and get unanimous favorable comments from our customers. …[more]

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Hot Hot dip galvanized stranded steel wire Cable Cable anchor, earth bar Tile Tile and bar shaped retaining rod plate Tri-color Tri-color pipe Mining Mining communication cable Parallel Parallel line Electric Electric protective cover 5-100 5-100 pairs of indoor wall embedded junc Optical Optical cable distribution box Outdoor Outdoor cabinet
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