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The difference between network cabinets, server cabinet and integrated wiring cabinet
We will see the network cabinet, rack of servers and integrated wiring cabinet often in the choice of cabinet of the time, they have what different?
From the three cabinet name can see their role, the difference lies in their width and depth. Generally, network cabinet is refers to the broad deep cabinet 600mm*600mm, 600mm*800mm, network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, encryption machine and network communication equipment such as optical, modem is placed in the network cabinet;
Server cabinet is refers to the broad depth is 600mm*900mm, 600mm*960mm, 600mm*1000mm, usually now frame type server about 800mm in depth, cable plus behind and heat dissipation space, so demand for cabinets in the depth of about 960mm, server cabinet for carrying equipment will be heavy, so the server cabinet high quality of sheet thickness, the integral cabinet load will have higher requirements;
The comprehensive wiring cabinet is refers to the broad depth is 800mm*600mm, 800mm*800mm, configuration of widening the vertical line cable trough, cable for integrated wiring works very much.
The above three kinds of cabinet regardless of the outer width is 600mm or 800mm internal available width are standard 19 inch. The comprehensive wiring cabinet can also through the column transform inside, make the inside width of 27 inches, in order to adapt to the non-standard equipment, some of the early server and a width of more than 19 inches.
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